Art Totality hosts 2 featured events annually that are open to the public The Creation of Jack and Going Green with Artwork  read more

Events Include:

  • Supplies
  • Instruction
  • Video Instruction/Written Instruction
  • Completed Projects
  • Take Aways

Our Next Event

  • The Creation of Jack Tentative
  • Saturday October 27, 2018
    •  The Apple House
    • 10-12:30 pm

Art Totality is all about families working as a team on an art project.  I can't think of a more exciting and quality way of spending time with my children.  The projects are interesting, creative, and well organized.

-Lakshmi Reddy, Mother of 3 and Family Participant

  • Going Green with Artwork
  • The Creation of Jack


Our firm has been involved with The Creation of Jack event by Art Totality for the past six years.  This group is a great asset for our community.  Art is an integral facet of a great community and Art Totality brings this to ours in a special way.

-Tom Cummins, Co-owner of The Apple House

I worked with Stacey Thacker and Art Totality as a guest instructor during her Photo Art event at Heinls Garden Studio. Stacey was so well organized and personally invested in the program. She was dedicated to finding the right people to present and instruct the participants and, consequently, had a very educational and entertaining event. The participants gained hands on experience in photo manipulation on the computer, the basics of taking great photos and creating art from them. Stacey puts her all into every event and it shows!

-Becky Hochhalter,  Owner of Studio 32 Art and Photo

Creating fun memories your family and friends will cherish a lifetime!

Community Events in Terre Haute

     Since April of 2009 Art Totality has enjoyed watching families and groups of friends creating memories that last a lifetime at our events! 

Art Totality has dedicated its’ services to designing and hosting affordable art events in the Terre Haute community. You will notice that our ticket prices encourage group participation.