Events Include:

  • Supplies
  • Instruction
  • Video Instruction/Written Instruction
  • Completed Projects
  • Take Aways

Our Next Event

  • The Creation of Jack Tentative
  • Saturday October 27, 2018
    •  The Apple House
    • 10-12:30 pm
     ArT Club was formed as an extension to Art Totality in 2014.  Our first project was the ABC project...collecting, recycling, and decorating a bench that was later donated to ISU Recycle Center.  To date, we have completed two projects; The ABC Project and Game Art.

Our mission is to Create useful artistic projects as a club using Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, practices.  Click here to learn more


About ArT Club


Art Totality hosts 2 featured events annually that are open to the public The Creation of Jack and Going Green with Artwork  read more